Mobile Sauna-Collective Berlin

Who we are

Our group of friends turned into the Collective for Mobile Sauna. It is an emancipatory space for inspiring one another, sharing knowledge without hierarchies and daring to follow your curiosity.

Read our Manifesto for Radical Wellness to find out more about our principles and ideals.

Our Events

Over the past couple of years, we have collaborated with our community of sweat pearls, which we lovingly call “Team Wellness”, and organised a variety of events: the SAUNASPLASH, SAUNACLASH and SAUNATOPIA.

We are not planning anything specific at the moment. If that changes, you can of course rely on the rumours, but you can also read about it here or have our newsletter notify you.

join us

There are different ways of contributing to our community. At our events, we always love to have helping hands, artists, and any hedonist ideas.


Join our newsletter to stay up to date regarding events, spontaneous sweaty shenanigans or other updates from the collective.

message us

please feel free to contact us, if you want to collaborate or have any questions.

We are especially excited about firing up political activism.