10th –12th of September 2021

10.–12. Sept. 2021

plötzensee lido

hot, hot, hot!

SAUNASPLASH is back back back again

!!!Important Info!!!

Please come all tested to the festival area! You will only get in with a test that is valid for the day. On site there is a test possibility, but due to the rush there will be long waiting times (1h and more).

reborn in a notorious location: we used the break as an opportunity to sustainably build up our collective by mapping out our values and ideals. to learn more about the outcome of this process and the kind of space we want to hold, check out our manifesto. a real sauna family has grown out of the last SAUNASPLASH. we’ve also added a couple of saunas and expanded our very hot network. now, we want to to celebrate all of this – so join us for the most beautiful SPLASH ever.


!!!SOLD OUT!!!

Dear Splash fans, unfortunately we have reached our capacity limits and, also because we want to guarantee you an enjoyable and corona-compliant festival, we cannot sell any more tickets. Also box offices will not be available. See you at the next splashy event.

However, we are still looking for support in the form of helpers. So, if you still want to be there, grab yourself a helper ticket.

get your ticket in presale and reserve your spot. sadly, we miscalculated a bit and had to lift the prices on the last strech. please text us if you just can not afford the new prices. wellness for everybody is our ongoing slogan.

friday from 4pm, saturday and sunday from 1pm

program until 10pm, please leave the lido until 11pm


helping hands


!!!Wichtige Info!!!

We are still looking for support in the form of helpers. There is still the possibility to be at the Saunaslpash with helper tickets.

SAUNASPLASH thrives on the help of its friends. let’s do this together! register as a helper. there are various tasks to be done, no matter if you likes to create decorations or run cables. depending on your involvement we will refund the entrance fee for one to three days.

we understand that everybody has a different financial resources. to us, wellness for everybody also means no one should be excluded from our community and our events due to their financial situation.

stay updated

there’s still a lot to be done in the next couple of weeks. stay updated on our process by subscribing to our newsletter. it is free of spam and very well written.


our wellness institutions

you haven’t seen a sauna in years and just can’t wait any longer? check out our babes here to kill time until SAUNASPLASH:

In addition, Luftschloss Massage Team is ready to give you a massage on the innovative flying table that’ll take you up to cloud nine. do you have your own mobile sauna, a pool or something comparable? register as a wellness institution and become part of SAUNASPLASH!


we have just released the workshop programm, you can check it out here:



are you up for an short movie or lightningtalk with the infusion? Or for a short swin to the floating sauna? Be prepared for a bunch of suprises besides dj-sets and a splashy programm. There will be a less moulded-in kids sauna provided by Le Camion Sauna on sunday. And just as last time there will be a non-cis-men sauna during the SPLASH.

There are many facettes to nudesness besides sauna. The FKK sports club from berlin-kreuzberg is joining the SAUNASPLASH for the first time to make you sweat just as much outside as inside the sauna. Join an nude volleyball game or undress to impress in dancing lessons or nude drawing.

further there will be fire performances on both saturday and sunday.

if you’d like to not only sweat in our saunas but also in front of an audience, enter your details in this form and we’ll reach out soon.

past events

since 2017, we’ve been organising sauna festivals with the german and international mobile sauna community. it all started with SAUNACLASH at freie internationale tankstelle (FIT) in berlin. in 2019, it was time for a bigger event: the first SAUNASPLASH at plötzensee took place.

any questions left?


Strandbad Plötzensee
go by tram M13, get out at Virchow-Klinikum, then walk for 10-15 minutes.
the tram rides all night


We want to create a body positive space which allows you to experience your own body, spend time with it and celebrate it. All genders and body types are welcome – naked and dressed.
If you are overwhelmed, not feeling well or just want to withdraw a bit, you can spend some time in the awareness space to recharge.
We don’t accept any kind of discriminator behaviour. If something uncomfortable happens or somebody crosses a boundary, please talk to our team. We will take care of you and the situation.
Sadly, the Strandbad and many of the saunas are not wheelchair accessible. We are really sorry about that and hope to make our events more accessible in the future.

(no) camping

sadly, camping is not possible at lido plötzensee


our tummys happieness is ensured by the skills of the cooking collective “team awesome”. for a small donation there will be two meals a day. “team awesome” cooks vegan and extreamly good.


our especially kids friendly day is sunday. kids can come on all 3 days, obviously as long as they are supervised by someone.
kids can enter the SAUNASPLASH on regular lido plötzensee fees.

packing list

please bring: a bathrobe, slippers and a towel
please do not bring: dogs or glas bottles


if you want to us to make you sweat at the SAUNASPLASH you will need a POC antigen test on a daily basis, no matter if you are vaccinated or recovered from covid, non or both of both. to make this as easy as possible for all of us we have organized a mobile testing station that you will find at the entrance. you can pre-register for the covid bike –here–

please wear masks where we ask you to do so: at the entrance, bar, warderobe, toilet, kitchen, massages and workshops, where you get in close contact with otheres. you do not need to wear a mask in the sauna. there will be a maximum number for each wellness institution.

we must not allow more than 300 visitors on site.

you can download our full hygiene concept –here– (it’s in german only though) .


paying system on site

and how can i pay for the food and my drinks after i left my valuables at the counter?
at the entrance there will the option to buy a bracelet with tokens so you do not need to take your money into the sauna.

ticket calculation

our claim is that wellness is for everybody. the calculation of the tickets includes a small donation to the wellness insitutions to support them. if the revenues enable us we further hope that we are able to also give a small financial appreciation the artists and workshop leaders. further we need to cover the fix costs such as rent for the lido, electricity and water, wood for the sauna, petrol costs and rental fees for the technology. if you can not afford a ticket or are up for contributing to building up the SAUNASPLASH, you can get a free helping-hands ticket.

you have further questions or you want to support us with your ressources at the next event? just get in contact with us!

can i transfer my ticket
just click on your ticket confirmation and press in the upper right corner “change details”.
is there a warderobe?

yes, there is a wardrobe at the entrance where you can leave your stuff just as at ever other spa or sauna. you can come there anytime to access your goods. just as anywhere else, we too do not assume no liability for the warderobe. until today nothing got lost there.